Welcome to Balance&Beauty, the place where I’m fulfilling my dreams hoping that soon you will be able to fulfil yours here too!

Balance and Beauty is my original concept of the place where I will help you restore your inner balance of body and mind. 
In this way I’m fulfilling my dreams about creating the place where we can return to the natural balance between our inner and outer beauty.

I have started my professional career at the Medical University of Łódź, Department of Cosmetology which I graduated from with a MA degree in public health. Many years spent by the cosmetic chair were the time of continuous improvement for me, of seeking the key to understand a true beauty. Also I have been cooperating with Babor, a recognised cosmetic brand, for nearly 18 years now, being its sole distributor in the Mazowsze region. Numerous trips to India helped me find the missing element, that is Ayurveda.

In Sanskrit, the word “Ayurveda” means „the science of life”. The World Health Organisation (WHO) recognises Ayurveda to be the world’s oldest health system having been in use for more than 5000 years now.

Modern civilisation, fast lifestyle, stress, polluted air and water or processed food, they altogether put our natural rhythm of life out of balance. Physical manifestations of these disorders are called a disease. Conventional medicine deals with the treatment of a disease whereas Ayurveda offers us the knowledge on how to prevent diseases and how to remove their causes. According to Ayurveda, we possess natural ability to regenerate and regain balance. Ayurveda helps us find the way to ourselves and restore the inner balance of body and soul.

However, this holistic approach to the patient requires him or her to be engaged in the whole process too. What’s particularly important is to watch your body carefully, listen to it and look after yourself in many various aspects of life. At “Balance&Beauty” we will advise you on HOW to do it, however first we will tell you WHY you should do it, and that by inviting you to the Art of Balance consultation.

To evaluate your body and skin condition we will be using all the wisdom of Ayurveda as well as modern technologies, such as bio-resonance Vital Analizator.

Our intention is to convince our patients that this kind of lifestyle and approach will make them feel happy and fulfilled.

At Balance and Beauty we will be taking care of every aspect of human body. We will start off with making a diagnosis using bio-resonance Vital Analizator and ayurvedic consultation in order to find out what’s causing balance disorders, with regard to both body and skin. Therapists from India will bring your body to the full harmony by using special treatments and massages based on medicinal oils with herbs. All treatments will be done on wooden beds, carved out of a single piece of wood, that were made in India especially for us.

We will be relieving your body from stress during various treatments carried out by the best specialists and physiotherapists. Many of these therapies will remove blockages thus contributing to the proper flow of energy; they include, among others, therapies such as myofascial release massage, lymphatic massage, craniosacral therapy or oriental massage Lomi Lomi as well as acupuncture.

Microcirculation therapy will let enhance and stimulate the microcirculation which makes up approximately 75% of our body. It is responsible, among others, for the proper cleansing of the body, distribution of essential nutrients and oxygen. According to German scientists, the majority of 45 000 diseases that have been classified by the medical sciences have to do with microcirculation.

Specialists from the Beauty department will make an analysis and diagnosis of your skin condition and then will choose treatment depending on the true needs. Our portfolio offers many possibilities to regenerate and heal the skin as well as bring its radiance back – from enzyme therapies, to Thera PRO peelings, reflexotherapy, myofascioplastic surgery, to kobido massage and hydro massage.

Many of the techniques we will be using, particularly Dincharya, that is “ayurvedic daily routine”, which I’m going to tell about more during your consultation, will bring comfort and full happiness which is exactly what we want to share with you!

Beauty is a reflection of your inner side while balance is the beginning of everything …

Welcome to Balance and Beauty!

Marta Bem