All ARTHA products are made by hand in a family workshop in Germany. They undergo 18-month fermentation process which is aided by positive microorganisms. They contain no sugar, preservatives nor artificial colouring. Properly functioning immune system in 80% has to do with healthy intestines. What’s crucial to the proper functioning of intestines, on the other hand, are probiotics and prebiotics. Probiotics are living microorganisms that settle in the intestines and have a positive effect on shaping of the gut flora. Prebiotics induce the activity of beneficial bacteria naturally present in the intestines. Thanks to combining vital prebiotic ingredients such as Jerusalem artichoke (topinambour), organic plants and herbs, holistic products designed for intestines have been created that prevent excessive acidity, regenerate and detoxify. 

Essential elements of health include:

  • healthy digestive system
  • acid-alkaline balance
  • lack of burdens such as: heavy metals, pesticides, electrosmog
  • optimum level of vital substances
  • balanced psyche