• Analysis of skin along with recommendations
• Analysis of body deficiencies along with recommendations VITAL ANALIZATOR
• Individual consultation with introduction to Ayurveda
• Microcirculation

BIO-RESONANCE VITAL ANALIZATOR – health condition evaluation without taking blood samples for testing up to 1h – 180 PLN
Vital Analizator is a tried and valuable system showing health condition of a human body as well as its biological unbalance. Vieva Analizator provides holistic overview of body functions and condition as well as of metabolic needs and microelements in the body.
If you suffer from
• weakness and chronic fatigue
• sleeplessness
• bloating and digestive problems
• joint and limb pains
• decreased vitality
• susceptibility to infections
• and others, this diagnostics is definitely for you.
Analysis of 90 parameters

Comprehensive skin analysis through the complexion scan, multispectral imaging, analysis of skin moisture and elasticity level, and its elasticity. The skin is also analysed with regard to the size of discolourations, after-sun and old-age spots, depth of wrinkles, size of pores as well as the condition of capillaries/blood vessels. This technology enables us to recommend treatments and products for daily care so the patient’s skin gets protected and strengthened.